Happy Clients…

I can’t thank her enough…

“Ana was amazing at helping me get to the root cause of my problem! Absolutely amazing at what she does, I can’t thank her enough!”

– Em Koz

Client Reviews - Ana Lucia Lanatta of Sky and Roots Hypnotherapy | Hypnotherapeute - SkyandRoots.com

Ana put me on the path of hope…

“I am so happy to have found Ana! She has put me on a path of hope when before I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is so knowledgeable about so many things and non-judgmental in the least.

She knows exactly what you need and when you need it even before you do. And she is usually right.

I feel safe with her and always better after a session. I recommend her to everyone… you will not be disappointed!”

– Vivian Gardonyi

Get to the root of issues…quickly…

“I saw Ana several times and was astounded at how quickly we were able to get to the root of issues. More effective than conventional talk therapy for sure.”

– Sylwia Bielec

Work that will transform you…

“Ana Lucia is a great therapist! A sweet person really listening !! She will perform a subtle work in depth that will transform you !!”

– Thierry Lehoux

“I love seeing my clients overcome phobias they have harbored their whole life, develop stronger relationships and move past professional limits and blocks!”

Ana Lucia Lanatta of Sky and Roots Hypnotherapy | Hypnotherapeute - SkyandRoots.com

I could not recommend her highly enough…

“Ana is a wonderful hypnotherapist who immediately makes you feel comfortable in her presence.
I could not recommend her highly enough. Thank you for your help.”

– Lance Mucci

Hypnosis was something I feared…

“Ana is very sweet and professional. It is easy to confide in her, one feels her open-mindedness.

Hypnosis is something that I feared, because I did not trust the hypnotists and I opened my vulnerability to a stranger able to program me. It scared me.

When I met Ana, I felt in good hands and confident. Hypnosis can move you faster than a psychologist, since you answer questions without blockages.

I highly recommend Ana for anyone looking to improve their lives and oneself.”

– Marlène Chatigny

“I found Ana Lucia very professional and wholehearted about her work.

She has a warm and welcoming approach.

I can recommend her with no hesitation.”

– Silvia Spampinato

Let go of past patterns…

“Doing Hypnosis with Ana was a really wonderful way to dive deep into my blockages, see them, and be able to work through them!

Her guidance and support helped me to go into the past and see what decisions I had made as a young girl, and let go of those past patterns!

Highly recommend you book a session, So worth it!”

– Sue-Ann Hickey

A great experience! I recommend…

“I had previous hypnosis sessions for life with Ana Lucia and it was a great experience!
I recommend her services to you ”

– Alexie Cantin

She knows what she is doing…

“Ana Lucia is very empathetic and welcoming! She knows what she’s doing and makes you feel like she knows and understands you. I was very comfortable seeking guidance from her! I saw her for hypnosis and would highly recommend her to those who want to see a positive change within themselves.”

– Sarah Mac

A fantastic experience! Couldn't be happier with the results! -Client Review -Ana Lucia Lanatta - SkyandRoots - Hypnosis|Hypnose - Hypnotherapy|Hypnotherapeute - SkyandRoots.com

Book an appointment…you won’t regret it!”

“Incredibly thankful for meeting Ana! She’s so kind and compassionate and truly gifted. Just speaking to her lifts you up! I trust her and her work and I have seen changes right away. Book an appointment with her regarding anything and you won’t regret it!”

– Maisha Ahmed

Couldn’t be happier with the results…

“Fantastic experience that helped a lot! Couldn’t be happier with the results!”

– Drew

I highly recommend…

“Ana is warm and human. I highly recommend. ” 🙂

– Guylaine Mazeau

A very nice experience…

“Very nice experience. She is attentive and well invested.”

– Carine Brassard

I loved meeting Ana…

“I loved meeting Ana; A warm and very human person.”

– Ann-frédéric Tremblay

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