Let go of your limits. Break old patterns. Live your most joyful, peaceful life. Ana Lucia Lanatta - SkyandRoots - Hypnosis|Hypnose - Hypnotherapy|Hypnotherapeute - SkyandRoots.com

Welcome to Sky and Roots.

If you have been struggling to move past your limits, if something has been holding you back from living your most joyful, peaceful life, you are in the right place.

From phobias to family issues, career changes to relationships, my unique method that combines hypnotherapy with NLP and coaching can provide you with a lasting and effective way to break old patterns and reach new heights.

Deeper than the roots, more abundant than the sky, welcome to Sky and Roots.

Break Through. Feel better from the very first session! Ana Lucia Lanatta - SkyandRoots - Hypnosis|Hypnose - Hypnotherapy|Hypnotherapeute - SkyandRoots.com

Get clear, get results.

How can Sky and Roots hypnotherapy help you?

If you are ready to stop the stories and break the patterns that have you asking, “why is this happening…again”?

If you are ready to create a new reality, one filled with happiness and abundance, to open up to limitless possibilities and opportunities…

Sky and Roots is for you.

  • Feel lighter, happier, more joyful and live with more ease;
  • Increase your confidence, self esteem, and self-worth;
  • Release that heavy, unpleasant emotional baggage;
  • Be more trusting again, of yourself and others;
  • Work on the effects and symptoms of past hurts and/or resentments;
  • Find closure after loss or breakups;
  • Welcome back trust and embrace forgiveness;
  • Develop meaningful, happy, supportive, and loving relationships;
  • Gain clarity on what to do when faced with tough choices or decisions;
  • Soothe symptoms of fears or phobias that hold you back from living fully and joyfully;
  • Feel tranquil, peaceful and calm;

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Free Yourself from phobias, break patterns and bust through limiting beliefs. Creat your new reality with Sky and Roots hypnotherapy and coaching. Ana Lucia Lanatta - SkyandRoots - Hypnosis|Hypnose - Hypnotherapy|Hypnotherapeute - SkyandRoots.com

A new way…

Perhaps you have tried things like conventional therapies or holistic methods, but there is still a lack of clarity – or results.

You may understand things better, yet somehow the issues are still not resolved, and they seem to bubble back up to the surface time and again.

Know that you are not alone. We all struggle in various aspects of our life; it is part of our complex human experience.

Yet…what if I told you that things often feel way more complex in our minds than they need to be?

What if we could simplify things so the pathway to healing was evident, the internal struggles lifted, and the answers to your questions much clearer?

Ana Lucia Lanatta of Sky and Roots Hypnotherapy | Hypnotherapeute - SkyandRoots.com

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